High, this is Weollee!

As we understand, you have already examined our site weollee.com, and now you would like to know in details how to register correctly in neuronet, how to transfer money and what payment system to select for that!
So, for this you have to do just 5 simple steps:

  1. 1First, you need to install Telegram messenger. If it is already installed, you may skip this step, if not – go to Telegram developer site and load installation file for this cross-platform messenger. After installation and registration you have to go to weollee.com site and press start mission button. Neuronet starts to work!
  2. 2Registration at payment service advcash.com.
  3. 3Replenishment of account in a way suitable for you, for example, with use of MasterCard or VISA.
  4. 4Money transfer from advcash.com service to your personal account at weollee.com. Amount will be increased every day for 2,2%. It is not bad, is it?
  5. 5Withdrawal of gained money from your account at weollee.com to the already tested payment system advcash.com, and then it is possible to transfer money to the card of your bank or other service.

Login to advcash.com Payment Service

In order to register in advcash.com payment system, press «Log In» button.

You have to pass a simple procedure (Register).

Please indicate your personal data in registration form which appears.

Complete registration and go to account replenishment with bank card. But before that you have to verify your account – for this press «Not verified» button, and then press «here».

Login to advcash.com Payment Service

Now the third verification stage starts.

Top up your account using VISA or MasterCard. You can do this from «Deposit Funds» menu.

Go to weollee.com site and press the button «Mission Start»!

Transfer to Telegram starts (@Weollee_bot). Select appropriate language.

Now we advise to subscribe to the channel and go to the chat. All these stages may be skipped by pressing «Skip» button.

Account Replenishment

Then we appear in main menu – here you have to press «Deposit».

Select «Advanced Cash».

Money Transfer

Please determine required amount using special button or input the value manually.

Whet selection is made, please confirm it by pressing «Enter» and «Continue replenishment».

Please confirm your actions once more for Telegram – press «ОК».

Transfer Confirmation

We are re-directed to «Advcash» site – here we confirm the payment done. We input personal ID (login and password) which we indicated for registration.

The letter containing PIN code will be sent to e-mail indicated by you – please enter this PIN code in the appropriate field! If you already entered the purse from the same IP, then you would not receive a letter..

Please select the purse where you deposit money and press «Continue».

Repeat your action by pressing «Continue» and complete payment.

Personal Office

After successful payment you will be re-directed to your personal office in neuronet in the telegram – you will see the stickers and records confirming successful payment and addition of your money to the money box.

Enjoy your free and pleasant investments together with weollee.com